What Will Office Space Look Like In The Future?


We’ve come a long way since individual cubicles, dark rooms and bulky computers. We’re now blessed with brighter colours, more practical, updated technology and pet-friendly offices - it’s exciting to think what could change in the next ten years!

With technology improving as each day passes, we can begin to visualise how the workplace may look in the future.

1. Co-working

Co-working is the concept where an individual rents a desk in a shared office facility. Co-working is said to relieve the emotional stress of working in a corporate office and presents a great opportunity to network and meet like-minded individuals. It works for those who may be starting up a business from home and need a desk in an office type environment. For more information on the benefits of co-working, read our blog here.

2. Greater interaction

As your workplace changes overtime, you may notice there will be more opportunities for interaction. Do you ever feel like you’ve hit a mental block? Well, often something as small going for a quick walk is enough to spark an idea. Many workplaces have started to prioritise employee wellness and continue to design offices to cater for heightened interaction, physical activity, and creativity.

3. Office space might not be necessary for you

For those starting up a business from home, you won’t have to worry so much about finding the perfect office space in the future – It’s not necessary to take up a physical space! Virtual offices give you the chance to have a corporate business address whilst working from the comfort of your own home.

4. Family friendly

An alternative option for helping out employees with children is to create a family friendly office. Whether it’s introducing flexible working hours or creating a creche area, we believe that the world of work will become a little more accommodating for those who have children.

5. Augmented reality meetings

Do you remember when video chatting platforms such as Skype first came about? It was a great way to have meetings without the hassle of travelling. As tech advances even further, it’s predicted that within the next few years augmented reality meetings will be the norm. This means we will be able to interact within a real world environment that has been generated by a computer. 

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