Social Burst, Winner of Orega’s #StartMeUp Pitch Liverpool 2017

Written on Wednesday, 06 December 2017

Social Burst, presented by Alex Lloyd, Dave Tompkins and Scott Evans have won Orega’s #StartMeUp Pitch in Liverpool yesterday earning their start-up business 6 months serviced office space at Orega Liverpool worth £10K.


Pictured from left: Paul Finch, Scott Evans, Alex Lloyd, Dave Tompkins, Zach Douglas

Zach Douglas, Co-Founder of Orega, explained the inspiration behind the competition: "We wanted to connect with the local business community in the areas we have new Orega locations. I know personally how hard it is to take your business to the next level so by giving these aspiring companies the opportunity to have office space along with the additional professional support from our teams in a great location seemed the best way to do this.”


Pictured from left: Zach Douglas, Paul Finch, Victoria Brown, Frank McKenna, Dave Brown

The judges, Dave Brown, Founder of Apposing, Victoria Brown, Founder of High Performance Consultancy and oneHR, Frank McKenna, Founder of Downtown in Business and Orega’s very own Co-Founder Zach Douglas and Paul Finch were very impressed with the calibre of entrepreneurs and had a tough decision to make to choose the winner.

Social Burst, a Social Media growth company is ran by a team of three directors with a strong digital marketing background. Alex Lloyd originally came up with the idea and founded the start-up business with the help of Creative Director Dave Tompkins and Managing Director Scott Evans. Alex Lloyd said “The whole process has helped us shape the direction of our business. It was great to be able to pitch in front of established business owners and we were very happy to win. This is going to propel our company forward in 2018.”

Paul Finch said “We were very impressed with the enthusiasm and passion shown by the finalists, they did themselves proud. We felt that Alex, Scott and Dave from Social Burst deserved to win as they had the most viable business for scaling up now, and therefore the greatest need for an Orega office.”

The judges of the #StartMeUp Pitch finals were amazed by the talented pool of entrepreneurs in Liverpool and they look forward to watching the finalists grow their business.


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