The 6 Best Team-Building Activities to Motivate Your Staff

Written on Monday, 02 July 2018

Motivating your staff isn’t always an easy job, but if successful, it really can improve the way your office works. Team building activities are a great motivator because they require a more casual surrounding, encouraging people to break out of their shell.


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Building relationships within an office is key, especially in a team environment. Team building activities force colleagues to work together to gain the best results, exercising each individual and bringing out everybody’s best skill sets.

It can be difficult trying to come up with some fun team-building activities so, luckily for you, we have listed just a few of our favourites!

1. Scavenger hunt

The beauty of a scavenger hunt is that you have control; you can make it as long or as short as you want. It’s also great because all you need is paper, pens and imagination!

Split your office into small groups and send them on their way with a list of funny tasks to complete. These tasks can include, taking a picture of the front door of the building, snapping a selfie with a stranger, asking to borrow someone’s pen from a different department etc. You can make it as silly or as serious as you want. The first team back to the office with the list completed wins!


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2. Human knot

This is more of a quick exercise (depending on your team).

Split the office into small teams and have them all stand in circles. Each person grabs a different person’s hand from across the circle and creates a human knot. The task is to then untangle the knot without letting go; the first circle to do so wins.


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3. The perfect square

Another fun activity is the perfect square – all you need is a long rope and multiple blindfolds.

Have everyone stood in a circle holding a rope blindfolded. Tell your employees to set the rope down on the floor and take a few steps backwards. Next, everyone has to come back to the rope and try to create a square shape without removing their blindfolds.

4. Redecorate the office

This activity requires the company to spend more money purchasing all the necessary equipment. However, it’s a great test for your employees to work together and, by the end, you’ll have a brand new, beautiful office – let’s hope!


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5. Blindfolded assault course

Create an assault course for your team and partner everyone up. While one of the pair is blindfolded, the other is directing them through the course. This requires great listening skills and patience with one another and can be quite testing, but remember to remind your employees it’s just a bit of fun!

6. Bake off

Finally, take an afternoon and try a work bake off. Split your office into couples and assign everyone the same challenge, for example, a three-tiered cake or a confetti cake. This is a lot of fun and also means a lot of cake to eat afterwards! Who wants to be crowned king or queen of Bake Off 2018?

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