8 October 2019

The winner of the #StartMeUp Pitch competition is...

Danny Campbell from Hoko Design has been announced as the winner of the #StartMeUp Pitch competition, winning 6 months free office space at Orega Glasgow.

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6 September 2019

Meet the judges: A Q&A with Zach Douglas

Orega’s very own co-founder, Zach Douglas is no stranger to our StartMeUp Pitch judging panel having participated in every competition we've held so far. 

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30 August 2019

Meet the judges for the #StartMeUp Pitch Glasgow Finals

With the #StartMeUp Pitch finals fast approaching, we’re excited to announce the panel of business founders who will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our judging process.

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14 August 2019

Meet the judges: A Q&A with Bruce Walker

Meet another one of our StartMeUp Pitch judges, Bruce Walker, CEO and Co-founder at FutureX. He's answered a few questions about his experience starting a business and what he's looking for in our #StartMeUpGlasgow competition.

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9 August 2019

Meet the judges: A Q&A with Nick Cohen

Meet one of our StartMeUp Pitch judges, Nick Cohen, founder of PCR and IT Customer Director at Arrow Business Communications. We asked him a few questions about his experience starting a business and what he’s looking for in our #StartMeUpGlasgow competition.

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30 October 2018

How to Choose the Perfect Office Space in London

London office spaces are the most sought-after in the UK, whether you’re relocating to London for the first time, or you’re simply looking for a new area in the city to expand your business. 

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3 September 2018

Daily Habits of Mentally Strong People

Being resilient isn’t something you’re born with – mental strength is a characteristic you can actively improve through changing the way you think and act. We all know people who seem to cope with anything life throws at them; chances are, they’ve got certain habits, traits and coping strategies...

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10 May 2018

7 Effective Tips for Working Remotely

So you’ve landed your dream job and get to work remotely - goodbye 9-5! It definitely takes a certain type of person to work away from an office and it comes with its own pros and cons. Sure, you get to take an afternoon power nap if you feel like it, but the lines between work and home can easily...

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2 May 2018

8 Signs You’re a Good Boss

It’s not a walk in the park being the big boss, there’s a lot of added pressure and responsibility, but it’s all worth it when you see that the changes and decisions you’ve made have had a positive impact on the company.

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25 April 2018

Morning Rituals of Successful People

The key to success is how you start your day, with research suggesting that early risers are more proactive. It's not just the act of waking up earlier, but what you actually do with your morning could impact your mood, as well as your state of mind for the rest of the day.

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