29 Mar

If you’re looking to evolve your business with technology, consider these 5 ways tech can improve the way you work:

Reduction of workplace risks and accidents

Having faster access to certain information such as security procedures and being able to.

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07 Oct

Flexible working is a way of working that suits an employee’s needs, e.g. working from home or having flexible starting/finishing times. These working conditions can be requested once an employee has been working with the same employer for 26 weeks.

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05 Oct

Coworking, hot desking and collaborating are very trendy topics in the serviced office industry at the moment. Is this trend here to stay or disappear like MySpace? Coworking spaces were appealing during the recession due to the increase in.

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16 Aug

The dust seems to have settled after the referendum vote. Now there’s a lot of rumour and speculation over “what’s next?” for Britain? With questions being asked about the possibility of another recession, some are wondering how the current.

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14 Jul

Businesses need to value the importance of their employees having the correct work-life balance as it affects them and their success. Stress is the most common cause of sick leave in the UK so having over-worked employees can be damaging to.

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27 May

According to Deloitte, as of 2025 Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. Millennials is the term typically applied to those born between 1980 – 1999. They are the largest age group since the Baby Boomers and it is said that their.

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