07 Jan

It’s Veganuary and we’re celebrating delicious advancements in vegan food options and creativity that are both quick and easy to prepare, all while helping the environment and animal welfare. We’ve put together a list of our 10 favourite lunchbox.

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27 Sep

Image Source: Pexels

MediaCityUK is fast becoming a gastronomic hotspot in Manchester. Offering fine dining for special occasions, places to grab a quick bite or somewhere to catch up with colleagues or friends, the area caters to all. There.

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06 Jul

Lunch in London can be many things: rushed, glamourous, sociable and delicious. There are thousands and thousands of restaurants and food outlets in London so how would you decide which one to go to?! Here is a list of Orega’s favourite lunch.

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10 Mar

We are all guilty of indulging in a Sainsbury’s lunchtime meal deal or getting a panini from Pret-A-Manger. Did you know that if you prepared your lunch at home you could potentially save yourself more than £2,500 a year. That is the equivalent.

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19 Feb

Leaving your desk and enjoying your lunch in another environment is extremely important to maintaining a good work-life balance.

Researchers have found that "employees who step away from their desks a few times during the workday, especially at.

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