11 Jun

For most people, an office is synonymous with cubicles, monotonous carpets and water coolers. And also, by default, uninspiring and dull, which is bound to have a negative effect on employees. Big names like Google, Facebook and Apple go above.

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02 May

At Orega we want you to work with us to grow your business and engage your stakeholders. With business centres located throughout the UK and Europe in sought after city centre locations, we offer you support services and professional.

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17 Jun

A recent article from the Guardian Small Business Network highlights the difficult decision that all start-ups eventually have to make; whether to work from home or a costly office. Starting your business from your kitchen table not only makes.

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07 Feb

Orega has finalised its 12th Serviced Office in one of Chancery Lane’s most important historic sites: the legal centre of England, the “Serjeants Inn”, now known as 5 Chancery Lane. 

The site for 5 Chancery lane dates back to the early 15th.

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