6 October 2016

3 Successful Entrepreneurs & Organisations Leading The Way in Flexible Working

Flexible working is a way of working that suits an employee’s needs, e.g. working from home or having flexible starting and finishing times. One study that questioned over 3,000 professionals found 9/10 respondents would choose an employer that offered flexible working options over one that didn’t.

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31 August 2016

The 5 Benefits of a Workplace with a Gym

Image Source: Orega

Looking to get fitter, stronger and healthier but feel like you never have any time to go to the gym? This is actually the most common reason used by the public. Moving to an office or building with a gym could give you more opportunities to work out. Read more about the...

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11 August 2016

8 Qualities of Great Business Leaders

No matter what type of business you run – whether it be a start-up, established SME or large business – all great business owners possess certain qualities which help them lead their team to success.

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19 July 2016

How important is Ongoing Workplace Training & Development

The short answer is very. No matter what department you’re based in, whether it’s sales, finance, marketing or human resources, there are numerous benefits to ongoing training and development.

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6 July 2016

5 Entrepreneurs That Failed Again and Again...Then Succeeded

“Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey” – a phrase that many of us will be all too familiar with, and rings especially true for entrepreneurs and business men and women alike. For a majority of entrepreneurs, failure is a major part of their success.

For the following 5...

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16 May 2016

5 Successful Companies That Started in Co-working Spaces

Whether you’re just starting out as a business or you’re rapidly expanding, you might be faced with the headache of needing to upsize your business premises whilst trying to keep expenses to a minimum. 

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