20 Jan
Chatty co-workers driving you mad? Or is it the food that stinks out the office, or getting dragged into 8am meetings? When it comes to office peeves, everyone's got something to say.

In a survey of more than 1,000 people, we let the British.

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21 Oct

Long periods of sitting are bad for your health and research has said that standing at work could help increase your health and promote a better lifestyle. 

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01 Oct

Never underestimate the importance of an inspiring workplace. With the average worker spending 15.5% of his life at work, you are looking at over 100,000 hours behind a desk This is depressing enough, let alone if you are sat in dull.

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25 Jan

Flexible office provider Orega has enjoyed a surge in office deals at its Staines business centre, with 7 new signings in recent weeks totalling 87 workstations.

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