24 January 2017

5 Ways to Reduce Conflict in The Workplace

Office conflict can make the difference between employees feeling engaged and motivated or disgruntled and disheartened. Workplace conflict can exist due to differences in employees’ personalities and principles. Tension in the workplace can affect the business’ turnover rates, meaning the sooner...

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20 January 2017

5 Business Apps You Need in Your Working Day

Everyone would like a little bit of extra help to make their working day easier. Have this help at your fingertips by downloading these useful apps:

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23 December 2016

4 Tasks To Do Before The End of The Year

As one year ends and another one begins there are a few tasks everyone needs to tie up before leaving the office for the holiday period. Make sure you complete the following before the new year begins:

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7 December 2016

The 5 Best TED Talks to Increase Your Productivity

Watch these 5 TED Talks and stay productive this month:

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30 November 2016

12 Meeting Etiquette Rules to Follow

The way you conduct yourself in a meeting will leave a lasting impression with your manager, co-workers and clients. Your behaviour could affect your professional reputation so it’s best to make sure you don’t come across on the wrong foot.

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9 November 2016

Collaboration: Curse or Compliment?

Image Source: Pxhere

Collaboration seems to be a buzzword in workplace terms nowadays, but is everyone really clear about what it means? Collaboration is when two or more people or organisations work together to realise or achieve a goal. 

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8 November 2016

6 Ways to Improve your Leadership Skills

Even if you’re not in a management role, improving your leadership skills is important for your career development. Becoming an effective leader is vital if you want to be noticed for a promotion or when presenting your competencies in a job interview. 
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7 November 2016

Free Office Space @ MediaCityUK with Orega’s #StartMeUp Pitch!

Are you an aspiring or existing business owner? Budding entrepreneur? If the answer is yes, fancy getting your hands on a pretty huge freebie? With a mega prize on offer – six months’ free office space at MediaCityUK – it’d be pretty rude not to take part in Orega’s #StartMeUp Pitch, right?!

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23 October 2016

The 5 Best Ted Talks To Be Your #MondayMotivation

It’s the start of a new week, a new chapter, a new chance to make yourself and your work better. TED Talks are known for being inspirational videos from expert speakers on education, business, technology and more. Get some #MondayMotivation by watching the following TED talks and start your week...

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20 October 2016

Music In The Workplace: Mistake or Motivator?

Working in an open plan office means having to listen to people’s phone calls, finger drumming, brainstorming sessions and even their music. Having background noise can be comforting to some and a distraction to others. What do you prefer?

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