15 Nov
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08 Nov

The serviced office is a common feature of business districts across the UK, so you probably think you know everything about them, right?

In fact, there are still many myths around serviced offices - who they are for, where they are based, what.

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19 Oct

It is with pleasure that we are announcing the opening of a new floor at Orega Chancery Lane on 01 November 2017. The newly refurbished 12,500 sq ft of office space on the 3rd floor will join the 4th and 5th floor.

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13 Jul

Choosing your first office space is an important decision and often a turning point in the development of your business. The office space you choose can often reflect the journey your business is on, so ensuring the office is right for you and.

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08 Jun

There are many reasons for choosing serviced offices over conventional offices. Serviced offices provide immediately available, ready-to-use office solutions with secretarial services, IT support and building management included. Clients receive.

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14 Apr

Everyone loves getting a little bit extra without the price tag. Moving and purchasing office space is an expensive task so here are 10 things Orega centres provide for you that are included in the cost: 

1. Orega’s Perfect Move-In


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11 Apr

Moving office can be a stressful experience - it can be costly, time consuming and increase tension amongst employees. There are many factors to consider, therefore there are many things that can go wrong. Relocating to an Orega business centre on.

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16 Sep

On September 18 2014 millions of Scottish will vote on whether they want their nation to become independent or remain part of the UK. But which way will the vote swing and how will that affect your business?

If the ‘Better Together’ campaigners.

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08 Aug

Awarding winning serviced office provider Orega is delighted to announce that they will be opening a new Business Centre in Manchester’s MediaCityUK.

MediaCityUK will be Orega's 3rd Centre in Manchester joining the popular King Street and.

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05 Sep

If you are sitting at your desk struggling to be as productive as you could be due to slow internet or all your files have corrupted and you have no back-up, it can be hard not to be frustrated.

Bad IT can really affect a business and waste a.

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