05 Apr

We’ve come a long way since individual cubicles, dark rooms and bulky computers. We’re now blessed with brighter colours, more practical, updated technology and pet-friendly offices - it’s exciting to think what could change in the next ten.

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22 Mar

Have you recently started your own business? Many entrepreneurs assume that they need to move into a small office space as their next step. However, this isn’t always the correct solution.

Take a look at the ways a MyOrega Virtual Office could.

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10 Nov

Meeting rooms are vital for holding conferences, training sessions, one-to-ones and important presentations. Whether you are trying to engage with your current employees, attract top talent or impress a potential client it is essential that you.

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05 Oct

Coworking, hot desking and collaborating are very trendy topics in the serviced office industry at the moment. Is this trend here to stay or disappear like MySpace? Coworking spaces were appealing during the recession due to the increase in.

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08 Aug

Virtual offices are becoming increasingly popular with business owners, especially start-ups and those who’re setting up their businesses online.

Businesses may opt for virtual offices in order to gain a prestigious business address, improve.

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04 Aug

Choosing your office location is a difficult task. You have to factor in the best transport links, the local amenities as well as the general atmosphere of the area. Nothing quite effects the dynamics of an area more than the companies who are.

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21 Jul
After starting a business people usually work from home until they have a large enough team to move into physical offices. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your business start-up can establish a professional and successful image from day one.
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24 May

Having an office job isn’t what it used to be – the 9 to 5 workday spent in a sectioned off workstation with nothing but a computer, phone, and a picture of the kids, is becoming a thing of the past.

These days, a relaxed and open-plan workspace.

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01 May

 Image source: Salford University/Flickr

We're pleased to announce the opening of our newest business centre in Manchester’s hottest destination for entrepreneurs, MediaCity. Home of ITV and the BBC studios, MediaCity has quickly become a.

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23 Apr

1. A Great atmosphere

There's always something happening in MediaCity - from ice skating to pop-up Tiki bars to the Monthly Farmer's Market held in the Piazza. 

2. it is on the Waterfront

Isn’t it beautiful?! Your clients will be impressed, too.

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