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Virtual offices allow businesses to work remotely but still keep the benefits of a serviced office, for example, being able to create a presence in a desirable location. With the effects of COVID-19, businesses have had to face some difficult decisions, whether it be moving the office to the homes of their employees or making cuts to costs, including office space rent. For those in situations like these, a virtual office could be the perfect solution.

Virtual Office FAQs

Unfortunately, there are a few virtual office myths floating around, so our blog is designed to help identify these myths and helpanswer the question, is a virtual office right for you?

Myth #1 - Setting up a virtual office is a hassle

Whilst the idea of getting a virtual office set up might seem a little complicated, it’s actually a pretty simple process. In fact, here at Orega, we believe it’s 5 easy steps, these include:

  1. Deciding on a budget
  2. Choosing a location
  3. Choosing your package
  4. Find out more information from your chosen provider
  5. Make the purchase

Myth #2 - Virtual offices make communication hard

Whilst years back this might have been the case, today’s digital world fully caters for remote working. In fact, it’s been reported that remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than their office-base colleagues. Today’s technology means teams can work better together in real-time, from home. Instant messaging services, webchats and collaborative tools such as google docs help improve efficiencies and keep communication with one another seamless.

Myth #3 - Working from a virtual office lowers productivity

Due to the myth around communication, people also believe that working from a virtual office lowers productivity levels. As mentioned above, the use of online tools and collaborative software ensures employees can access everything remotely, ensuring communication can be kept up as well as the ability to work as a team. In fact, for some employees, working from home causes them to be more productive because there are fewer disruptions from fellow colleagues.

Myth #4 - Virtual offices are expensive

The reality is that virtual offices are a much cheaper alternative, saving businesses thousands on renting office space. Depending on what services you require, you can choose from a range of packages that all start at different prices. For example, here at Orega, our prices start from £42 per month for the base package, MyOrega Mail. 

Virtual office pricing packages

Myth #5 - A virtual office can’t meet my business needs

With the wide range of virtual office packages available, you can rest assured that your business needs will be catered for. Orega services include:

  • MyOrega Mail - enables you to direct company mail to a prestigious business address with the option to add a ‘scan to email’ service or forward to an address of your choice.
  • MyOrega Business Address - your registered business address comes with access to a business lounge, mail collection and managed reception, ideal for greeting clients. 
  • MyOrega Virtual Office Pro includes a registered business address, mail collection, dedicated phone number, business lounge access, reception team, 20% discount on meeting room hire and more. 

Myth #6 - Virtual offices only benefit small businesses

Whilst virtual offices work well for small businesses, they also cater to larger businesses looking to grow. You can choose a desired postcode across the country, opening up even more opportunities. Looking to win more London based clients when you’re situated further up North? Opening a virtual office gives you a stronger identity with the option to hire meeting rooms for client meetings.

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