What Is Your Office Saying About Your Company Culture?


Your office environment can say a lot about your company’s culture. Have a look around your office and think about how it makes you feel; what the characteristics of your space are and whether it meets the needs of your staff.

Here’s how your office can reveal your company’s values and culture:

1. Open-plan office or enclosed cubicles?

Are people sitting face to face across open-plan desks, or do staff keep their heads down in their own cubicles? If you promote a collaborative culture, then you’re likely to have implemented an open-plan office. This is a popular layout for creative industries, where colleagues will benefit from easy interaction with one another. By choosing an open-plan layout, you’re conveying that you foster a creative, energetic environment that values the exchange of thoughts and ideas.

2. Break rooms and Refreshments 

Does your office have kitchen facilities or a room where employees can take a break and have their lunch? If your kitchen area is well-stocked, it shows that your employees are looked after and encouraged to take time out to recharge away from their desks.

3. Technology

What level of technology is your team using? Are they able to move freely and work remotely with a laptop? Or do your employees remain at their desks with a desktop PC? Being able to transition around the office, whether for a meeting or a private client call, is essential for a modern workplace. So if your staff doesn’t already have access to laptops, consider a tech upgrade.

4. Interior Design

Contemporary interior designs usually include high-end finishes, good quality materials such as glass, and lots of uncluttered, stripped-back spaces to minimise distractions. A tidy, clean office creates an environment that not only inspires staff but impresses visitors and clients alike. A sleek aesthetic gives the impression of professionalism, honesty and business transparency.

5. Meeting rooms

Is there ample space for meetings and conferences? By providing designated zones, your company encourages collaboration, creativity and productivity. If there aren't different options for staff to choose from, it can mean meetings just take place around desks, which isn't ideal.   

6. Colour

If your office sticks to one colour scheme throughout, it tends to create a serious, traditional and formal environment. Although this might be the impression you want to give off, it can come across as unwelcoming or dull to new customers and clients. Creative offices tend to use a spectrum of colours to help inspire their employees and create a warmer atmosphere.

7. Visibility

In modern office design, you’ll find that spaces are open and completely visible, rather than having partition walls, cubicles and separate offices. Experts have suggested that visibility is crucial for a strong culture, so consider installing glass doors and walls, atriums, community work tables and project boards where everyone can see and learn from them. This also gives visitors the impression of transparency throughout your business which increases trust.

8. Plants

Making your office greener – literally – shows that you’re committed to promoting a natural and inspiring environment for your employees. Research has also revealed that having plants in the office increases productivity by 15%, so having lots of greenery around your space proves you’re invested in your staff’s efficiency, wellbeing and happiness at work

What overall impression does your office create, and is it the one you want? Your office design sets the stage for employee wellness, productivity, staff morale and daily interactions, so it’s important you get it right.

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