Why Scotland is fast-becoming a business hub


Over the last few years, Scotland has seen huge business growth. In fact, it’s been reported that Scotland had the highest rate of new business growth in the UK in June 2019. 

This comes after a report in 2017 stating that across 5 years, the number of Scottish companies increased by 40 per cent. But what is it that’s causing this significant business growth up North? 

A wealth of knowledgeable graduates

We can’t ignore the huge amount of talent that the country generates. Being home to highly ranked universities such as St Andrews and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland sees thousands of students kick-start their career every year. For businesses, this opens up amazing opportunities to recruit fresh talent to join their workforce. 

The country’s diverse sector growth

Cities across Scotland are showcasing their efforts in a number of sectors. Whilst its heritage is very much centred around fishing and oil, it's gradually developed into a home of many industries. For example, Aberdeen is known for its efforts in electronics and agricultural research. Glasgow is booming in digital technology, finance and education, whilst Edinburgh specialises in technology, life sciences and tourism. Together, these sectors are really pushing Scotland through the ranks to becoming a serious business hub. Especially for startups, Scotland offers a whole range of possibilities.

Innovative technology and support

Scotland has seen a vast number of innovations over the years, including Helensburgh-born John Logie Baird’s ‘televisor’ which soon became the television, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone and Sir Alexander Fleming’s penicillin. The innovative heritage of Scotland is impressive and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

More recently, other areas within Scotland that are reaching new heights include Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. Fast-becoming a huge hub for medtech and life sciences research, the region is seeing a number of international companies using the facilities to generate innovation. 

Not to mention the huge amount of funding that was given to high-tech research hubs in Renfrewshire. The University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre has driven immense manufacturing research and development, making innovative technologies a reality.

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