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Everyone would like a little bit of extra help to make their working day easier. Have this help at your fingertips by downloading these useful apps:

1. Doodle

Need help scheduling an upcoming meeting? Send out meeting requests via Outlook Express and get numerous requests to change the date? Be efficient, save time and hassle by using Doodle. This app allows all users to put in their available dates and times so that you can coordinate a meeting or even a social occasion quickly and without multiple conversations.

2. Captio

Are you always losing your receipts and missing out on money from your business expenses? No need to worry about this anymore. Captio turns your phone into an excellent tool for corporate travel. Forget about the paperwork and use Captio to record your receipts, bills, mileage etc., then it will automatically produce your required reports.

3. Basecamp

The world’s number one project management tool, Basecamp, is a user-friendly app that will keep every member of the team in order. You can upload documents, instant message other collaborators, invite new people into the project, create deadlines and track your progress. Stay organised and ensure the project stays on track by using Basecamp.

4. Slack

Is your inbox a nightmare to keep in order? Communicate with your colleagues through the instant messaging app, Slack. This can help you stay in contact with teammates whilst on the move. It is easy to include images, PDF documents and other files, meaning you can stay on top of projects no matter where you’re based. 

5. Toggl

Need to improve your productivity? Toggl keeps track of how much time you and your team spend on various tasks. The app then produces reports to give an overview of your time and the team’s progress. Don’t lose a second of your billable time again. 

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