Why Now Is the Time to Embrace Flexible Working

Written on Monday, 04 June 2018

Flexible working hours have become great saviours for many employees looking to strike a balance between work and their personal lives. 2014 gave all employees the right to request flexible hours, provided it's discussed in depth with management.


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What are flexible working hours?

There are multiple types of flexible working hours that a company can get on board with; these include:

Job sharing – this is when one job role is done by two people, meaning their workload is halved. It allows employees to work more efficiently and figure out where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Working from home – this may not actually be your home but anywhere out of the office – a coffee shop, at the park – wherever is best suited to you.

Compressed hours – this works for those who prefer to have more days off a week. The idea is you work extra hours each day to work fewer days in a week.

Flexitime – the employee chooses to start earlier and finish earlier or, alternatively, start later and finish later, meaning they still work core hours but can choose when.

Flexible working is rapidly becoming very popular in the workplace, since the focus on employees and their needs are becoming a priority.

What are the benefits?

Childcare is not only expensive, but having to make the choice to leave children in the care of others is a big deal, especially for new mothers. Flexible working hours give employees control over when they work, making responsibilities such as dropping off and picking up kids from school, extracurricular activities and everyday house chores a little easier.

Flexible working hours also help those who have a longer commute, allowing them to miss the rush hour traffic and start work later.

As much as this is convenient for employees, it is beneficial for the employer, too. It can improve productivity as employees are not only working more convenient hours, but working more efficiently during their hours at work.

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